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VG-10 is widely used in spraying applications such as surface-dressing and paving in very cold climate in lieu of old 80/100 Penetration grade. It is also used to manufacture Bitumen Emulsion and Modified Bitumen products

Characterisitics Value Test Method
Penetration @ 25°C 85 IS 203
Absolute Viscosity@60C, Poises 800-100 IS1206
Kinematic Viscocity @135°C 100 IS1206
Flash Point °C 220 IS1448
Solubility in CS2 wt % 99.0 IS1205
Test on residue from rolling thin film oven test    
Viscosity ratio @60C 4 IS1206
Ductility @25C 75 IS1208

Bitumen All Viscocity Grades

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